Lauren Arrington

Professor Lauren Arrington is a Florida native who has made Ireland her home and her focus of research. In this episode of The Family of Things she shares with Helen Shaw how Ireland, and its writers, drew her in, and how when she first came to study at Trinity College Dublin she thought Dublin was a big metropolis because her roots were in rural and small town Southern America.

Today she is Professor English Literature at Maynooth University and her new work ‘The Poets of Rapallo’ on the shadow of fascism on the lives and work of writers, including WB Yeats, is just out. In this revealing conversation Lauren shares how she gave birth to her second child, just about the day she moved to Dublin at the beginning of lockdown in 2020, and how lockdown affected her and her young family. You can find out more about Lauren here:

And more about the book ‘The Poets of Rapallo’ is available here:

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