Episode 2 – Denise Deegan

Helen Shaw speaks to writer Denise Deegan, author of the hugely popular Butterfly Novels for teenagers. More recently Denise has adopted the pen name ‘Aimee Alexander’ for her adult fiction novels.

Helen talks to Denise about her self publishing and where the idea for Aimee Alexander came from as well as taking it right back to the beginning to ask Denise when she started writing.
Denise, who has previously worked as a nurse, a checkout girl and a china restorer among other things, shares readings from her books, her approach to writing her novels and how her life experiences have been reflected in her stories and visa versa.
The full podcast is available now to download via the link below, and for now, here’s a preview of the episode where Denise tells a funny story of when someone from her neighbourhood has mistaken her for a famous figure (and not for the first time!)