Kathleen Turner

Dr Kathleen Turner says she sang her way through school, and today she’s an academic who uses singing as a social good, and sees her mission as empowering the creativity in everyone. Kathleen is Helen Shaw’s guest in this episode of The Family of Things, a podcast about life, and how we choose to live it. Kathleen is a Co.Tyrone native but she has long made Limerick City her home and she leads the Masters in Community Music programme there, at the World Academy for Music and Dance, in the University of Limerick.

Kathleen’s own singing brings together jazz, folk, gospel, blues and pop. Her album ‘Like a Lion’ celebrates the stories of women, and draws inspiration from the empowerment of women in Ireland. In the podcast she shares her journey from growing up on a dairy farm in Tummery, to becoming a global leader in community music. Equity and equality defines her approach to work and life, and she credits her happy childhood and parents for giving her that sense of fair play and justice.

Music you hear in this podcast includes ‘Broken Pieces’ by Kathleen’s sister Juliet Turner (say Juliette! Helen gets it slightly wrong), a song that become well know at the time of the Omagh bombing in 1998. From Kathleen own work you hear ”Alright by Me’, ‘Like a Lion’, ‘Some Stories’, “Let It All Fall’, and a short clip of Aretha Franklin, an influence on Kathleen, singing ‘You Send Me’ as well as sound clips of her work with “Sing Out with Strings’ from an Athena Media 2011 audio documentary, and from her PhD, which explores the role of a community musician, and was partly presented in audio and video.

Follow Kathleen on Twitter – twitter.com/kturnersong And you can buy Kathleen’s music on bandcamp: kathleenturner.bandcamp.com You can watch the video of ‘Like a Lion’ that Helen and Kathleen talk about :

The Family of Things is an independent podcast production by Athena Media, produced by Helen Shaw. The digital editor is John Howard. The theme music is ‘The Old Haunt’ by Ana Gog, composed by Michael Gallen.